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 About Harvest by Mike Anderson 
Harvest was a pop culture band from Orange County California who was very popular in the 1970’s in Southern California. They combined 3-part harmonies, excellent songwriting skills and dynamic vocals to all original music.

Harvest began in 1970 with Craig Harding (guitar) and Mike Anderson (bass guitar) having met in junior high school. Together they combined their musical talents to the foundation of what would later become Harvest.In 1971, Gil Castillo would join Craig and Mike as their lead guitarist, thus Harvest was born. Though most of their material was written by Craig and Mike, Gil had added a much needed voice and supreme talents as a guitarist.As most bands go, Harvest started at many parties and no pay just for the opportunity to perform. This was a rigorous schedule, but one that would open many doors. In 1973,

Harvest was asked to record a song for the new “Exposure Time” radio show.

This would be the first of many times Harvest would have their material on radio. The show which aired on Sunday nights through KNAC, featured many artists throughout the Southern California areas. Listeners were all invited to call in and vote for their favorite artist and whichever artist received the most votes by the end of the whole program, would get an interview by the show’s host. So, on July 15th, 1973, Harvest presented Craig’s and Mike’s “Your Loves Shines” to the listening audience.

The phone lines lit up for “Your Loves Shines” which went on to be the most popular song out of over 200 songs. It was at this time that part of the listening audience was legendary record producer, Robert “Bumps” Blackwell, who was well known as Little Richard’s manager. “Bumps” took to Harvest right away, and selected them along with three other artists from the Exposure Time programs. “Bumps” had then set goals for which he wanted Harvest to work on to hone in their craft. It was about this time Gil had decided to leave Harvest and pursue his life in the ministry.

 For the next year, Harvest went through many guitarists trying to fill the void that Gil had left. In 1974, Mike introduced Craig to Bob Speckmeyer who finally became the band’s new guitarist. Bob could also write and sing giving Harvest their completed sound and ready to record with Bumps Blackwell.

Harvest continued to perform and record until the late 1970’s where they all decided to go their separate ways but all staying in the music field. Even today, there are some that still remember Harvest and their immense popularity throughout the 70’s.

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